E  S  P  È  C  E  S

Pop-up by MAGMA

Vernissage on Thursday the 6th of June – 6pm to 9:30 pm
From June 7 to June 30 – from Tuesday to Sunday – 10:30 am / 7 pm

184 rue Haute, 1000 Brussels

United by their love of craft, timeless forms, style and a passion for sustainable design, four Belgium-based female designers join forces for the first time in the capital, presenting their latest products within unique pop-ups entitled MAGMA.

Referring to the first letter of their first names, as well as the idea of constant creative fusion, MAGMA is a space combining womenswear and menswear with handbags and jewelry, aimed at the discerning and demanding shopper. Gioia Seghers’ eponymous line stands for quality, character and comfort, focusing on elegant shapes and refined fabrications. Marie Artamonoff’s Espèces, a striking jewelry line, revisits staples through unexpected textures and a subtle play on scale, giving her jewels a new sense of modernity. A similar attention to detail defines the essence of Anna Lehmusniemi’s handbag brand, called NO/AN, which reconnects clients with the long-lasting appeal of handcrafted objects. Sharing similar values and opinions as the others, Marie Soufflet’s IREENE offers minimal clothes, which are produced ethically with exceptional textiles and in limited quantities.

Despite coming from diverse backgrounds and having their own personal taste, the four voices forming MAGMA underline the importance of slow fashion, reinvesting the objects we consume with addeddepth and meaning.

photo by Laetitia Bica
logo by Adrien Domken